We are pleased to announce that our doors will reopen again on Monday 17th May. There is no need to book and our normal operating hours will apply

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon

The Robert Gillow in Lancaster

The adventure into a world of craft ale starts here…

To satisfy your interest in craft ale and for those looking to explore beers from the far flung corners of the globe, the Robert Gillow is the place to start your journey.

With an array of over 100 beers to choose from we have something to keep you interested as you seek your favourite tipple.

Our food menu is served daily so you can enjoy a laid back meal with friends with our sharing platters.

Best place to eat out in Lancaster - The Robert Gillow
What's on in Lancaster?

Born in 1704, singleton Lancashire, Robert Gillow took many a voyage to new worlds. He worked as a carpenter on ships sailing towards the West Indies and made new discoveries along the way. During his trips to the far flung corners of the Earth, Gillow saw the potential to exploit these trade routes and provide the North of England with exciting new imports. The Gillow family continued to supply high quality goods to customers far and wide.